Marc Beardslee

is an award-winning Sales Leader and high-caliber Sales Training Professional

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I am a high energy, high caliber Sales Leader and Sales Training Professional with over 22 years of broad commercial experience and a strong history of success in the pharmaceutical industry. I am experienced in the traditional pharmaceutical, buy and bill, and specialty pharmacy business models. I have been recognized as an exemplary leader at the National and Regional level who is skilled in achieving sales and business objectives through strategic planning, attention to people, and a focus on execution. I am also a highly skilled facilitator and experienced in both on-boarding and building out continuous training platforms and the ability to diagnose training needs and build and implement training curriculum that incorporates adult learning principles for live, on-demand, and virtual formats. I have been able to gain diverse product and subject matter expertise in multiple disease states, and have a proven ability to drive organizational effectiveness and revenue growth through strong communication skills, developing cross-functional partnerships, effective presentation skills, accountability, problem-solving skills, and a positive mindset. I have demonstrated a high level of adaptability and agility through many organizational changes and the capacity to drive results with limited resources and see projects through to their end in a flexible and innovative manner.

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Marc Beardslee
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